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Neopets Icontest

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1. There will be a theme each week. Try and stick to this theme. Unfortunately if anyone submits an icon that has no relation to theme it will not be considered in the contest.
2. The icon that you enter must be original, made by you and not shown anywhere else. It is strictly for the community until the winners of each contest have been announced. You may not enter the same icon in to two different contests.
3. The same rules apply as with LiveJournal - each icon must be 100x100 and a maximum of 40kb in size.
4. We do not have enough room to host all of your icons so please host them yourself. There is an entry (see the link- hosting) with several different sites that can host your images for you.
5. Though it may vary from contest to contest, the general rule is that it's only 2 icons per person, per contest. If there is going to be an allowance of more or less you will be notified at the start of the theme post.
6. If you wish to use one of the icons that has been submitted to neo_icontest then please either contact the creator of the icon or one of the moderators. Do not steal from someone - this is rude and will not be tolerated.
7. Don't vote for yourself. No voting on second or other accounts.
8. Don't let your icon become rude or offensive.
9. Moderators ARE allowed to enter the contests. We can assure you right now that there is no rigging or cheating in this competition (why would I do that? It'd take away the fun of it all) and that the votes are all tallied properly. If it so happens that a moderator wins first prize then the neopets prize will be awarded to the next person in line who is not a moderator.

When submitting - make sure that it's the theme post that you're submitting to. Please submit in the following format.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
URL: http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b98/Micklez/babyelephante.gif
Neopet/Item Used: Elephante

For each theme you will be given 1 week to create your icons. After that there will be one week allocated for voting.


Please vote using the following format. You may vote for your favourite 3 icons (in preference order) each week.

First: 03
Second: 06
Third: 01


03, 06, 01.

There may be a moderators choice award depending on the amount of entries per week.


We are constantly looking for more affiliates to add to this list.