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Week 7 Theme

Hey guys! Well I have the internet back now (sadly still dial-up) and I also have a laptop now!
I gotta say that even though the entries were fantastic, the amount of people that actually entered last week was sad. If anyone has any feedback as to why they didn't enter last week it'd be really appreciated.
So I've decided on a new theme. I'm not sure if people will like it or not but regardless I'd like atleast 6 entries please guys! Same rules as usual apply - mods may only enter one, two icons per other contestant, don't vote for yourself, stick to the boundaries of the theme and don't use an icon which is displayed elsewhere or has already been entered.
The new theme is Lupe.
Enter like so:

URL: http://www.domain.com/image.jpg
Neopet/Item Used: Caption Contest #220

Thanks everyone! And we look forward to seeing some awesome entries.
Michael xx.
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